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The Love Story of Two Vets

Don’t miss this endearing story on NPR of two vets who have celebrated 25 years together. They met in their elderly years, having been in the closet and never experiencing a same-sex relationship before. From the article:

“The couple married in 2013, and John says he was surprised by the warm reception they received. ‘I was expecting we’d be ridiculed, and there was very little of that,’ he says. ‘We’d gotten married at the veterans home, and we said, ‘If you came to see the bride, you’re out of luck.’ Do you remember that?’ Jerry asks John . . . Later, their achievement was affirmed by a simple introduction. ‘I was with you in the cafeteria, and somebody came up with their family, and they said, ‘This is Gerard Nadeau, and this is his husband, John,’ Jerry recounts. ‘I’d never heard that before.'”

Read the whole article here.