The Problem of Gay Conversion Therapy

Most gay people raised in Christian homes struggle to come to terms with their sexuality. They pray and pray that God will make them straight. They attend support groups and get therapy. But, very few people experience change in sexual orientation. In this video Chris and his parents discuss his failed attempt to become straight and the problem of holding up conversion therapy as a solution.



When Being LGBTQ Makes Other People Uncomfortable

Even after being out for more than twenty years, I struggle with the impact of other people’s discomfort with my sexual orientation. Coming out, which I have to do on a regular basis, still causes me to catch my breath because I don’t know how it will be received. Repeatedly witnessing discomfort in people’s eyes and strained smiles takes its toll. But, I was recently encouraged by a word from Matthias Roberts, founder of Queerology. Queerology helps “LGBTQ people of faith understand they’re not alone so they can live confident and fulfilling lives.” In a video called “Brené Brown and Making People Uncomfortable,” Matthias says: Continue reading “When Being LGBTQ Makes Other People Uncomfortable”

Identity: What Does It Mean to Be LGBTQ?

The centrality of identity for the human experience is evident in the debate on sexuality. People on all sides of the discussion have vastly different perspectives on what identity should be or mean, but everyone agrees on its essential role. For example, celibate gay Christians have engaged in rigorous debate with other traditionalists about the importance of identifying as gay and not just “same-sex attracted.” The recent Nashville Statement put their plug in that everyone should adhere to a cisgender, heterosexual “self-conception”–regardless of bodily realities.
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Intersex and Faith

Intersex and Faith was founded by Lianne Simon and Megan DeFranza. Lianne is intersex (see her story in this video). She has long been an advocate and educator. She is the author of two novels that include intersex characters: Confessions of a Teenage Hermaprodite and A Proper Young Lady, Megan is a scholar who wrote the book Sex Difference in Christian Theology: Male, Female, and Intersex in the Image of God.

Lianne and Megan created Intersex and Faith because there were no theological resources for those who are intersex, as well as for those who want to understand what it means to be made in the image of God with all its complexity. Their mission is: “Working together to support, advocate with, and educate others about intersex people to help faith communities welcome those born outside the male/female binary.”

One of the projects they are currently working on is a documentary called Stories of Intersex and Faith. It features stories of five intersex people. Watch the trailer: