Interview: Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman lives a private life out of the spotlight. But in this video she discusses her long and successful music career.


Live Through This: Surviving the Intersections of Sexuality, God, and Race

Live Through ThisClay Cane has written a compelling memoir, Live Through This: Surviving the Intersections of Sexuality, God, and Race. An article from Vibe states, “The book is compiled of 27 separate essays dealing with Clay’s experience coming into his own as a young gay man of color growing up with limited resources in Washington state and Philadelphia. In efforts to highlight some of his most life altering vignettes, he divides the book up into one-word sections—Sexuality, Love, Race, God, Intersections—that target different facets of his existence and form part of his story. But this isn’t just a story about Cane. Within the collection of stories, he interpolates all types of issues that affect the LGBT community and marginalized communities as a whole.”

Watch this video clip of Clay discussing his book:

Gad Beck and Manfred Lewin: Separated by the Holocaust

“But suddenly from the blackest depths / A gentle voice came echoing / Looking down I wondered who might / be calling out to me / Although the voice was one I knew at once! / It was the voice of a sacred power / It was the sound of souls in harmony / It was the essence of our humanity / The quality we must never lose.” — Manfred

Gad Beck survived the Holocaust, but his teenage love and friend, Manfred did not. Recently, Gad donated a booklet Manfred made for him to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Manfred and his entire family died at Auschwitz. He wanted to give something to Gad “so you will never forget me.” You can view the contents of the booklet and other details of the story at on the museum website. See also this video of the curator discussing the booklet.